Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Faves: Jonna Edition

So many pretties and such a big emerald green trend! I love the emerald, but limited my love to one dress…

1. My absolute fave was Sandra Bullock, so beautiful and almost understated. Really just lovely.
2. I'm a big sucker for tastefully done ruffles, so I adore Julie Bowen's dress. Lots of ruffles, but not too many.
3. My emerald fave was Elisabeth Moss. So glamorous and elegant. Her hair is a little bleh, but the dress almost makes up for it.
4. Amy Adams always picks lovely, movie-star dresses, doesn't she? I love her hair too!
5. Although this borders on just too much, I think that Leah Michelle is just too much, so it's kind of fitting, yeah? I like pink dresses, so there.

Honorable mention: Tina Fey (she keeps getting better!), Olivia Wilde (almost too pretty, her beauty is inhuman), Jayma Mays (loved the dress, but her make up was pasty and her hair, meh),  and Helena Bonham Carter (because she dresses however she wants to, and that's cool.)

PS my barf-o-meter went off the charts when I saw the "ensembles" of Halle Berry and Christina Aguilera.

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