Monday, November 8, 2010

Seattle is for Anthrolovers

This past weekend, Anthrolover Jonna and I had the GREAT privilege to visit the Anthropologie in Seattle. Let... me... tell... you. This store was by far the most beautiful Anthropologie I have ever been in.

The wood floors, the strikingly craft decor, the smell... it all sounds pretty much like every Anthro out there right? WRONG. There was just something about it. It had it's own unique atmosphere; truly inspired.

We walked around the two story glory, taking pictures with our phones in the mirrors, sipping our Seattle Starbucks lattes. You may notice too that Jonna has an Urban Outfitters bag (Anthro's sister store). They were right next door. Oh! And you know that Dre would have been loving that there was not only an Anthro and an Urban on the same street, but also a J.Crew. I can't take it. It's all too amazing.

The sale section was to die for. I even found one of my weekly wishes there! Remember this beauty?

Swoon. On sale from $128.00 to $69.95. It was almost worth it.

Don't hate me for this... but I didn't even try it on. What is my problem?! However, I will tell you. It's just as beautiful in person. The fabric and cut are to die-for.

Actually, there seemed to be a bunch of past weekly wishes on sale, if you other Anthrolovers want to check it out on the Anthropologie website!

Finally, who could not talk about the window displays. These beautiful cardboard, honeycomb-esque art pieces were fabulous. Absolutely perfect for the hazy gloom of Seattle. It spouted spots of sunshine throughout the store. What a delight!

I highly recommend that if you are in the Seattle area to check out the Anthropologie on 5th in Downtown.

Happy Monday!


Andrea said...

Rub it in why dontcha ;/

Leelo said...

Aw, Dre. I swear, the WHOLE time we were there we were thinking about you.