Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String…

I'm back from Seattle and as Natalee posted, it was awesome, and really cool to visit the Seattle Anthro! 2 stories of loveliness!

One of the coolest things we noticed, was anthro's new gift wrapping line. They're known for their adorable, seasonal gift wrap— last year's felt circles, and the previous year's buttons with jingle bells were all great. Now, they've expanded and monetized it (hopefully they'll still also offer some complimentary bells and whistles as well). Here are some of the dreamy ensembles you can dress you gifts in this Christmas! They feature unique hand-made papers, quirky recycled rope, colorful wool yarn, glittering bugs, vintage stamps and boxes of curiosities.

Just be careful, you don't want the wrapping to be better than the gift it's concealing! (Or do you?)

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Leelo said...

I love it. I love it!