Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Emmy Fashions: Jonna's picks

1. Jewel- I'm a sucker for an antique style dress that's been well-modernized. I love the blush color, laciness, and bow that manage to not look stuffy.
2. Jayma Mays- I love the subtleness of this dress, but with some unusual detail at the bottom, and the navy is just classy.
3. Elizabeth Moss- I think this looks so pretty on her! The soft color and the way it all flows from the shoulder is gorgeous!
4. Kelly Osbourne- I love the shape and awesomeness
5. Tina Fey- Again, although I love this dress, I'm just really excited that Tina looks awesome for once, because I adore her. I really do love the shape of it for sure.

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