Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekly Wish: Knotted Satchel

LeeLo's post just reminded of a bag I saw there a few weeks back… and darn, I was hoping when I searched for it, that it would miraculously be on mega sale. Oh well.

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Leelo said...

Ugh! I will hold on in hopes of a sale in the near future.

goldenmeans said...

I keep hoping against hope that this one will go on sale too! I have been stalking it for a while. Any item with a bow is already singing my tune, but make that bow oversized and patterned in red-and-white stripe...I'm doomed.

jonna said...

Yeah, I was totally depressed when I discovered it… not in the sale section. Good sale purses go so fast! I need to keep a keen eye on this one!

Goldenmeans- love your blog, especially your side-by-side comparisons of the anthro dresses. Awesome!