Friday, May 28, 2010

Review: Bindwood Blouse

I thought it would be cool to do short reviews for the anthro items we acquire or even just try on.

Last weekend I got the Bindwood Blouse, on sale for $49.95 (reg. $98). I LOVE it. It might be my favorite anthro purchase to-date. It's comfortable, light and fits very well. The design is punched in tiny eyelet holes… which quite honestly you could get away wearing it sans camisole. They're VERY tiny and you can hardly see through them and most are over the stomach area (if you prefer to wear a cami underneath, any color will do). There was a HUMONGOUS sale last weekend (might still be happening). Tons of stuff, and pretty much all the sale shirts were under $49.95. 

Here are my ratings (1-10):
Comfort: 7 (it's not quite PJs, but very comfy)
Fit: 10
Price: 6 (I'm cheap— I mean, frugal, exception due to b-day funds)
Web to Shop: 8 (I think the color is a bit more vibrant in-person)

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Andrea said...

I've seen it in action and it wears her well!

Leelo said...

I think this is fabulous. We should most definitely do this from now on! So helpful!!