Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Dressed Golden Globes (Jonna)

Ok, so Dre suggested that I also offer up my faves at the GGs. There was a flood of gorgeous peachy-creamy-pinkyness (my personal favorite color to wear), so really hard. I def agree with Dre on Kate Hudson, her dress was a work of art, so sculpted!

My top 5 (sorry I couldn't whittle it down to 3!!)

Most Adorable: Amy Adams
She is so cute anyway, and now that she's preggers, give me a break! Also red hair + emerald dress = always a winner.

Best Accessory: Emily Blunt
John Krasinski is some pretty nice arm candy. Rawr.

Best Risk: Jennifer Morrison
I loved her crazy ruffles, I think they were riding on the edge of crazy, without falling over. Anthro-couture.

Most Gorgeous: Christina Hendricks
Peaches and cream! I hate her!

Over all Best: Drew Barrymore
I love this dress and I love Drew. Easy.

Honorable mention: Sofia Vergara, January Jones, Jennifer Garner, Anna Kendrick, and Christina Aguilera (who looked totally stunning and not her usual clown-whore self.)

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A-Dre said...

I agree with Amy Adams... the topaz colored shoes with the emerald dress was beautiful (I did not know she was preg, thought maybe she was gaining weight for a role again!) If I had an honorable mention January would have been a pick for me as well as the lead girl from Glee! She had this gorg black dress on with feathers!