Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Spring Day at the Carnival

This beautiful spring day reminds me all the trips I used to take in the early summer with my parents from California to Washington State. We'd visit my Uncle's ranch and ride horses, go to my great Aunt's for a delicious home cooked meal, relax at Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty's on the back porch while Uncle Bob would tell us funny stories about his younger days with my grandpa. And most of all, we'd go to the carinval, do some line dancing, have kettle corn, and cotton candy.

This outfit reminds of of those days:


A-Dre said...

Are you serious about that trip?! that sounds freaking awesome! Let's do it now!

lee lo said...

I would LOVE TOO!!!!

whatthehoot said...

I wanted to say the same thing as A-Dre! Sounds like a movie.