Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reader Testimony!

Reader Tiffany Jonker age 24 of Riverside contributes her latest Anthropologie purchase to the inspiration of our blog! While perusing our blog the other day she was overtaken by the excitement of Anthro and in her words "Just had to go buy something!" She headed down to Dos Lagos and purchased this fine cardigan named "Swallow's Twitter" modeled by Tiffany herself below! Well girls, we came to inspire and we did!


whatthehoot said...

You guys are so funny! That sweater looks super comfortable and is cuuuu-te!

jonna said...

Cute sweater! (Cute boots too.)

cory and christina said...

haha, i can't wait to tell tiff i saw her on here :]

very cute sweater, oh and great modeling tiff, you're such a pro!