Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Want to Be a Display Coordinator When I Grow Up!

from anthropologie website:
The successful display coordinator will have a fine arts, applied arts, or design and architectural background.Installation experience is preferred.
Display Coordinators are responsible for the successful implementation of all display elements within a store--windows, signage, platforms, shelf uppers and jewelry cases. This person must be highly creative, with a through understanding of the Anthropologie point of view, and a constant awareness of trends in fashion and home furnishings. Knowledge of various textiles and materials as well as familiarity with power tools, basic construction techniques, and installation is preferred. A fine arts, applied arts, design or architectural background is beneficial.

I found this on a blog posted by a former Anthro Employee:

"I worked in an Anthro that had two full-time visual managers. For the artsy type, it's a pretty amazing gig.

They had a little room of their own, which was basically like the arts and crafts room of your dreams. And these two, fun adult girls would spend their days creating mobiles out of rope or beds from twigs or whatever.

They didn't actually conceive the displays themselves. Each season they'd receive a binder with instructions, and pretty much follow the directions. They were, however, naturally artistic, crafty types.

Oh, and the employee discount?? CRAZY awesome.

They have a week in December where employees get 40% or 50% off everything in the store.

The rest of the time it's generous, too...I think maybe 30%? But that Xmas week...Oh my. So much fun."

My response... Anyone want to apply at Anthro! That discount makes it worth it! =)


jonna said...

OMG. What a dream.

A-Dre said...

%What about the 30-50% off! Now that is a dream!

lee lo said...

I was just telling Alex today that I want to work at Anthro. so yes please to the amazing job, and yes please to the discount!