Friday, February 27, 2009


No! It's Ruche. An entirely on-line story that has STRIKING similarities to Anthropologie. To see all my favorites, check out brickabrack.wordpress.com.

Here are a few others that stuck out to me as being uniquely Anthropologie looking:


A-Dre said...

Nice... its just to bad that you cant try stuff on before purchasing =/

jonna said...

Oooh i just saw that on another blog the other day, I meant to go back and look some more. They have really cool stuff. Have you bought anything yet? I wanna know how it turns out, transaction and size-wise!

lee lo said...

dre - It does stink that you can't try stuff on before purchasing it, though I'm sure their return policy is pretty good.

jonna - I think you saw that on my blog :)

And I've been fighting the temptation to buy anything. Though I'm thinking of purchasing something for the women's retreat next weekend. I guess I better get on it!