Thursday, December 4, 2008

New December Catalog

The New December Catalog is here!

"Clic the Pic" to start browsing

If you haven't check it out already grab a copy and hop on-line. This is what I do when I grab the most recent edition:
  • Find an item you like and type it into the "search category" of the website

  • Not only does it lsit the item but items you might also like underneath it

  • Always, always, always click the shoes to pair with it. I think that people often overlook Anthropologie's magnificent array of amazing shoe possibilities!

  • Shop! - Right now any item over $200 gets free shipping until DEC 19th!

You Are Welcome!


fishbiscuit said...

I totally adore the dec catalog, because the previous one was a total let down (in my opinion), which was surprising cause I enjoy most everything they do!

so YAY for the new catalog and the inspiring outfits!

A-Dre said...

We can all go in together and share 1 item! Especially since we don't have to worry about shipping ;)

Lee Lo said...

I second that Dre...