Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jonna's Current Dream Anthrosemble…

Ok, here it is, I took some serious time on this.

Color Palette Tights in Brown ($12.50)
Spectral Jessamine Headband ($38)
Winter's Fable Cuff ($80)
Sauvignon Earrings ($28)
Neo Noir Booties ($188)
Stitch Play Sweater Coat ($228)
Fruit Moon Dress ($198)

Outfit ($772.50)


A-Dre said...

Thanks miss designer bringing out the big guns with the layout there! My post is just so sad =(

A-Dre said...

One more thing... love the outfit! Those shoes were very unexpected!

Jon and alyssa said...

When we saw Angela (The Office) the second time at the Grove, she was shopping in Anthropology, and got alot of stuff. Not only is she a good actress (because she is nice in person) she has good style.