Friday, December 12, 2008

Can it be done?

We here at anthroLove want to launch a new series where we take an anthropologie outfit and search out the internet or our closets for ways to make the outfit "affordable." Here's one I did this week:

Can this amazing ANTHROPOLOGIE outfit be affordable for the everyday average-joe?

That price INCLUDES the belt and shoes.
So, let’s see…

#1 - a shirt. well, I have a shirt I got from Target about 6 months ago from the clearance rack for about 6 bucks, that works

#2 - a vest. I have a vest I got from Target 3 months ago, Creswell has the same one… hmmmm.

#3 - a skirt. well, nothing really compares to this anthropologie skirt, but I have a skirt from Ann Taylor that Alex bought some odd years ago that could work

#4 - a belt. Again Target. this was probably the biggest expense. I think it was 18 dollars. kind of alot for a belt

#5 - shoes. I found these boots are a thrift store for $2.95. yeah

#6 - completing the outfit with dark grey tights and my grandmother’s broach.
Tell me what you think? Did I pull it off?

Ok... who's next?


clayfulheart said...

I love the recreation! I also saw that outfit online and feel in love with it. Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Chelsea, I took lessons from Michal while she was teaching out of your parents home and attend Harvest. I am also a fellow Anthopoligie enthusiast.I stumbled upon your blog while goggleing anthro.

clayfulheart said...


Lee Lo said...

WOW! Wonderful... I totally remember you Chelsea! how cool! Glad you are a fellow fan of ANTHRO too. Hope you enjoy it.